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Niki Found

Many thanks to John who spotted Niki on the way home from his local vet where he had seen the FMFLF missing poster. Niki and her owner were re-united late yesterday afternoon.

Re-uniting Pet Owners and Their Lost Pets

So your dog or cat is microchipped and all is safe? We are afraid not. Our dogs are now required by law to be chipped, but there are several chip organisations, the records may not be fully upto date and not all vets scan and search the various databases when a new dog arrives at their practice.

We offer, in simple terms, to help reunite you and your pet. You record their details on the website and if your pet goes missing you tell us we then contact on a nationwide level vets, rescues, pet charities. You can also download a poster, that you can print and distribute locally.

So it doesn’t matter if your dog is lost or stolen, you press a button and we send out your pets details with photo. We remind you to update the pets detail each year so that it is all ready to go in the event of a problem.

Vets, rescues and charities also save time, because they only search in one place for the chip and we notify them all of any missing animals (and we notify them when they are found).

Your details are secure, if someone wishes to contact you about your missing pet, they use the website and the website forwards their information to you. You can then follow up as necessary.

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Find My Four Legged Friend - Re-uniting Pet Owners and Their Lost Pets